Why wear handmade boots?

At JoDis, we want to step into a world where every step feels fantastic and where every pair of boots tells a story of passion and craftsmanship. We would like to invite you on a journey to Portugal, where our handmade boots are made and where quality meets true dedication.

Portugal: Home of Handmade Boots

There is something magical about Portugal - a country known for its rich history, culture and, not least, for its expertise in shoemaking. Our boots are not only produced there; they are shaped by the country's soul and expertise in shoemaking over centuries. A tradition which has always been a core of the Portuguese people.

The aesthetics of the craft

When you wear a pair of handmade boots from Portugal, you also wear the spirit of skilled artisans who perfect each and every pair. From the choice of materials to the carefully crafted design and precise construction - everything is the result of traditional craftsmanship and the expertise of experienced shoemakers. Read more about our factory and history .

At JoDis Shoes, we believe that shoes are not just an item of clothing, but an extension of your personal style. Each boot is unique and bears the mark of the careful attention and dedication that has gone into its manufacture. From elegant leather boots to more robust designs - we have boots to suit every occasion and every personality .

A Sustainable Choice

We don't just focus on quality and aesthetics; we also protect the environment. By manufacturing our boots in small quantities and focusing on sustainable materials and production methods, we ensure that each pair of boots is not only a symbol of style, but also of our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint. This also means that all our leather originates from LWG - Leather Working Group.

Investing in a pair of handmade boots from Portugal is investing in timeless style and unmatched comfort. These boots are made to last and withstand the test of time, while molding to your feet and providing comfort that only improves with time.

That's why you should choose JoDis

When you choose a pair of handmade boots from Portugal, you're not just choosing a product; you choose a story about tradition, quality and genuine craftsmanship. At JoDis, our goal is to deliver shoes that not only meet your expectations, but also tell the story of a country and its passion for shoes.

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